Great Day Clamming At the Beach

Great Day Clamming At the Beach
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3rd, Educational Blogs

Hi All,

Well, now that I have a new blog all set up I guess I should do something productive. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't I post some information related to some other blogs in which I am interested. I am going back to school to learn how to create educational curriculum and these blogs provide information relevant to creating curriculum, so its a perfect we go!

The first blog is from by Ferdinand Krauss. His blog provides information about elearning strategies and instructional design. It appears to be rather useful for this field of study, however I did find links that were no longer active or led to pages that were unavailable.

The next blog is from Jay Cross at In this blog Cross, an educator who worked for University of Phoenix to create online learnining, shares ways to improve online education.

Another blog is actually a collection of blogs from At this website there are links to many other blogs that are related to Instructional Design, which is another way to curriculum design.

If you are a student of Instructional Design you may find these blogs very intersting. If you are not a student of Instructinal Design you might find it interesting to read some of these blogs to learn what it takes to create curriculum to help people learn.

Who knows, maybe someday you will decide to pursue a career in Instructional Design and you can say it all started when you read this blog!


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