Great Day Clamming At the Beach

Great Day Clamming At the Beach
Just Like Daddy

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Would you really read 500 words online??

Hello All,

The blogging thing is really going to take some adjustment for me. Its not that I can't write incessantly, but I don't really like to read online for long periods of time and that is what it takes to be a successful blogger.

You actually have to go read other folks' blogs!! You build a little community of bloggers and you all check out what everyone is saying. It's a little bit like Twitter except your not limited to enough letters to fill a fortune cookie note, and Ashton Kutcher is probably not going to join the gang...probably.

I am interested in learning how a blog could be used to advance education and train people, but that is going to be a HUGE leap for this pseudo-redneck, so it may take some time.

Keep coming back, I may get funny.


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