Great Day Clamming At the Beach

Great Day Clamming At the Beach
Just Like Daddy

Saturday, July 9, 2011 I am in China

Nin Hao! (Hello in Mandarin Chinese)

I have been in China less than 24 hours, and so far I love it. This place is crazy! There are thousands of mopeds and bicycles going everywhere and the cars are doing everything they can not to kill them all. Wow!

I saw stuff at breakfast that was absolutely horrible looking, and other items were quite nice.

There is a strange mixture of old third world buildings and brand new 20 story apartment buildings. China is building thousands and thousands of new apartment buildings and I can see some right our my window. In fact I can see about 30 of those super cranes that they use to build skyscrapers (no kidding!)

It is hard to focus on homework with so much happening outside, but I must get back to work.


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